The TLR 22X-4 ELITE RC Buggy Kit is pro-quality RC right out of the box

If you want to compete in 1/10 scale 4WD radio control buggy racing with an RC racing kit that’s equipped to win, then check out the Team Losi Racing 22X-4 ELITE Race Buggy Kit. The TLR 22X-4 ELITE kit comes with a ROAR-winning pedigree and is podium-ready straight out of the box. Its pro-level 4WD design has been optimized for championship performance on dirt and clay tracks. In fact, the TLR 22X-4 ELITE 4WD RC Buggy Kit features the same top-of-the-line option parts and upgrades chosen by TLR Factory Team drivers to win tough RC races worldwide. The included upgrades alone are valued at over $130!

The TLR 22X-4 ELITE kit features materials optimized for RC racing

The TLR product development team chose the best construction materials to prepare the TLR 22X-4 ELITE for podium worthy performance in 1/10 scale 4WD RC buggy racing. Carbon fiber is the optimal material for many parts of an RC racing car because it offers an excellent strength to weight ratio. From various mounts to the shock towers and chassis braces, the TLR 22X-4 ELITE 4WD Race Buggy Kit makes strategic use of this tough but lightweight material.

Many aluminum option parts are also used in this RC racing buggy kit, wherever they will improve its performance or simplify maintenance. The TLR 22X-4 ELITE kit’s drag link, caster blocks, and inner pivots are just a few of the aluminum parts included.

The composite parts preferred by TLR Factory Team drivers have also been incorporated into the TLR 22X-4 ELITE kit, such as the suspension arms, chassis braces, and mud guards. Using different composites in key locations enables the TLR design team to give this 1/10 scale RC buggy the best balance and consistency for RC racing.

The TLR 22X-4 ELITE kit offers improved adjustment and tuning capabilities

You’ll be able to adjust the weight balance of your TLR 22X-4 ELITE 4WD Race Buggy without increasing its static weight. That’s because you can mount the center diff and motor assembly in front or rear locations, and take advantage of adjustability in the battery position.

This 1/10 scale RC racing buggy also includes a center diff, a popular tuning option for dirt and clay tracks, and adjustable front and rear inner pivots. The latter feature provides multiple opportunities for dialing in the anti-squat, kick up, toe, sweep, and other attributes to match any RC racing track and surface.

Experience pro-level 4WD RC buggy racing performance with the TLR 22X-4 ELITE kit

The TLR 22X-4 ELITE 4WD RC Buggy is based on the ROAR Nationals winning TLR 22X-4 buggy, which was itself an all-new design. After several years of studying that RC racing buggy’s performance on tracks around the world, TLR product developers discovered ways to make it even better. That’s how the ELITE version was born.

Updates to the suspension geometry include more shock mounting locations, inner camber link locations, and steering gain locations. These changes have made the TLR 22X-4 ELITE 4WD RC Buggy easier to drive at even faster speeds. In order to reduce running temperatures on high grip tracks and in 13.5 4WD class competition, the TLR 22X-4 ELITE also has a molded fan mount on the center diff that blows cooling air directly onto the motor.

Titanium turnbuckles are always a favorite upgrade for RC racing, and they’re used throughout the Team Losi Racing 22X-4 ELITE to reduce weight and boost performance. Its large-volume bevel gear diffs also conserve weight while also increasing durability.

Convenience also comes first with the TLR 22X-4 ELITE RC Race Buggy kit

Even the best RC racers appreciate driving an RC vehicle that’s easy to use. The 1/10 scale TLR 22X-4 ELITE 4WD buggy includes plenty of user-friendly elements in its design.

Both the front and rear diffs can be removed in under a minute. You simply remove four screws and loosen two set screws. They reinstall just as quickly. Carbon tab battery mounts simplify TLR 22X-4 ELITE battery changes. They can be adjusted for any battery size and provide security as well as fast, easy pack exchanges.

The TLR 22X-4 ELITE 4WD Race Buggy Kit also uses all metric hardware. That makes replacement screws, nuts, and washers easy to find. Plus, you’ll have fewer tools to carry in your RC racing pit bag.