1/8 RC Race Cars

The greater size, speed, and realism of 1/8 scale radio control buggies makes them a natural choice for anyone interested in serious RC racing. The Team Losi Racing RC car lineup includes several 1/8 scale off-roaders. They all measure about 20 inches long and have 13 to 15 inch wheelbases. TLR 1/8 scale RC racing vehicles are 4WD, making them easy to handle over a wide range of track surfaces.

Choose 1/8 scale RC racing cars for bigger excitement

The first step when you’ve decided to try your hand at RC racing is to choose the size of RC car that you want to race with. Radio control race cars come in a variety of sizes. One way to identify the size is by its scale, which is a ratio that compares the RC car to real one. A 1/8 scale RC vehicle is roughly 1/8 the size of a full-scale car.

Each scale of RC race car has advantages and disadvantages to consider before you make your purchase. You may have watched RC racing at your local track and been drawn to a certain class or event. If there’s a particular type of RC competition you want to join, you’ll obviously pick whatever scale of RC car is allowed by its regulations. If your main interest in RC racing is just to have the biggest car with the highest speed and most realism possible, any high-quality 1/8 scale RC race car is a good choice. Team Losi Racing has several, including the TLR 8IGHT-XT/XTE 1/8 scale truggy and 8IGHT-X/E 2.0 1/8 scale race buggy.

Compared to smaller scale sizes, a 1/8 scale RC racing vehicle will naturally require a bit more of an investment. As the saying goes, you get what you pay for. The 1/8 scale cars designed for off-road competition aren’t just big, but they’re also extra-durable. The higher speeds and extra weight of a 1/8 scale buggy or 1/8 scale truggy puts more force into crashes and impacts. Rest assured, however, that TLR 1/8 scale racing cars are engineered to handle anything that you, your competition, and the race track can dish out.

TLR 1/8 scale RC racers are available only in kit form. That might seem like a drawback if you want to start RC racing immediately, but many of the best RC race drivers actually prefer to build their models from kits. By completing most or all of your 1/8 scale RC car’s assembly yourself, you become an expert on how it’s put together. You know the location of every component and the function that it performs. That means you’re well prepared to handle any maintenance and repair tasks that may be needed.

Another advantage to choosing a 1/8 scale TLR 8IGHT-XT/XE or 1/8 scale TLR 8IGHT-X/E is that you can build either one to use either nitro or electric power. You won’t get that kind of flexibility from a ready-to-run 1/8 scale RC car!

More advantages to buying a 1/8 scale RC race car

Purchasing a smaller size vehicle than 1/8 scale for RC racing might be easier on your budget, but the smaller cars have their own limitations to keep in mind. The larger 1/8 scale RC cars, and especially those that are 4-wheel drive, are much easier to drive over a wider variety of racing tracks and surfaces. And if you’re interested in advancing to higher and higher levels of competition, you’ll find more opportunities for RC racing in 1/8 scale than most other sizes.

TLR 1/8 scale RC racing cars measure about 20 inches long and have 13 to 15 inch wheelbases. While performance is a higher priority than looks in the heat of competition, the large dimensions of 1/8 scale do offer more room to customize your car’s appearance with a one-of-a-kind trim scheme.

So, if your heart is set on serious RC racing and you have a little extra to spend in your hobby budget, definitely check out TLR 1/8 scale RC race cars. For a slightly higher price, you’ll enjoy a big step up in racing performance and excitement!