TLR RC Accessories

We’ve got the RC accessories you need to be ready for race day including tools and supplies for your bench and pit bag, paints and adhesives for a custom look or repairs, and TLR apparel to show your Team Losi Racing spirit on and off the track.

Team Losi Racing (TLR) provides a comprehensive range of RC accessories designed to enhance the performance, customization, and overall experience of your RC racing vehicle. Our RC accessories cater to the diverse needs of RC racing enthusiasts, offering additional functionality, convenience, and personalization options. We have adhesives, meters, gauges, oils, fluids, paint, tools, and more from our own team of designers and engineers as well as from some of the top names in RC like Pro-Line®, Dynamite®, Duratrax®, and Spektrum®.

RC Tools

TLR's RC tools are designed to meet the demands of RC racers, combining functionality, durability, and ease of use. By providing the right tools for the job, TLR enables enthusiasts to maintain and optimize their vehicles with confidence, ensuring peak performance on the RC track. These tools ensure precision adjustments, efficient maintenance routines, and convenient access to various components. Here, you’ll find RC tools designed by the engineers at TLR to meet your RC racing needs, like gauges, shock and diff fluids, drivers, pliers, wrenches, and more. You’ll want to have a selection of specialized RC tools available at your bench and in your pit bag for repairs at the racetrack. Be sure to stock up on the extra hardware needed for your RC racing buggy or truggy, too.

TLR Apparel

Along with accessories to customize your RC vehicle, TLR offers a range of apparel and merchandise, including T-shirts, hats, and other branded items to customize you! Show your Team Losi Racing spirit on and off the track with branded apparel and merchandise from TLR.

Whether it's improving handling, personalizing the appearance, or simplifying maintenance, TLR accessories are designed to contribute to your overall RC racing experience so that you never have to miss a lap of the racing action.