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Start your journey as a TLR driver by signing up on hook it. Here you’ll be able to social media activity, commitment, race results, and reach.

Thanks for choosing to learn more about Team Losi Racing and our TLR Driver Sponsorship opportunities. We are constantly striving for excellence on and off the RC racetrack. In fact, we received 8 US ROAR National Championships in 2022 alone. While focused on performance, we understand that having fun is just as important and the reason why we are all in this hobby. Our TLR Team Drivers are more than winners. They are passionate, constantly aspire to build their communities, and are always helpful to others.

For 2023 TLR has teamed up with Hookit to manage TLR driver sponsorships. Hookit was created as a sponsorship technology platform in 2001 to connect brands with the best amateur athletes, including RC racing drivers looking for sponsorships. Hookit is the leading AI powered spontech platform on the planet and we are excited to use them for our TLR Driver Sponsorship opportunities.

TLR is racing toward the future with an RC racing team of the world's best RC drivers, engineers, and product developers in a dynamic partnership. Think you have what it takes to be a part of the TLR Race Team family? Click on the Hookit link above and find out more about what it takes to achieve a TLR Driver Sponsorship and join our RC racing team.