OS Engines - Item No. OSMG2065
5 out of 5 Customer Rating

Speed B2102 Competition .21 Engine with T2090SC Pipe

Tuned to take the track!

OS makes every competition hotter! The B2102 Competition Engine is, as its name suggests, a born competitor. It's designed with a low cylinder head for reduced center of gravity for superior stability when you blast around corners and slam down the throttle on the straights. Plus, it's equipped with a 22C slide valve carburetor for better fuel economy and a silicon potted, tungsten-weighted crankshaft with a hard, diamond-like coating. From the P3 Turbo Glow plug to the polished tuned pipe, this engine is every inch the competitor you need to take the track.
  • B2101 Engine with low profile cylinder head
  • 22C slide valve carburetor redesigned for better fuel economy
  • Tungsten weighted, silicon potted crankshaft with diamond-like coating
  • Modified, high-performance crankcase bypass
  • T2090SC Aluminum tuned pipe with polished natural finish (EFRA-2089 noise rating)
  • 6.5mm Carburetor reducer
  • Exhaust seal ring
  • 3, 16, and 18mm dust caps
  • Full instructions

Product Specs

Crankshaft Threads
UNF 1/4-28
Product Width
1.8" (45mm) at mounting tabs
2-stroke glow powered buggy engine
0.211 cu in (3.46 cc)
Oil Type & Content
At least 18% synthetic lubricant
Product Length
2.5" (64.5mm) from back plate to front bearing
Engine (Only) Weight
12.25 oz (347 g)
Muffler Type
Tuned Muffler
Product Height
2.6 in (65.9 mm)
RPM Range
4,000 - 42,000
0.65 in (16.4 mm)
Crankshaft Type
Power Type
Plug Type
O.S. P3 turbo
0.65 in (16.4 mm)