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O.S. Speed B21 Adam Drake Edition 3, 1/8 Buggy Engine

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Overwhelming performance that supports champions!
  • Collaboration With Adam Drake
  • Boost Bypass Processing For The Crankcase
  • Two-Color Anodized Aluminum With New Design
  • Reduced Weight And Lower The Center Of Gravity
  • Choice Of Two Different Carburetor Restrictor
  • (1) B21 Adam Drake Edition 3
  • (1) 75 mm Header/Manifold
  • (2) Long Springs
  • (3) Short Springs
  • (1) Engine to Header Gasket
  • (1) Header to Muffler Gasket
  • (1) P3 Gold plug
  • (2) Blue Anodized Carburetor Reducers
  • (1) 21J carburetor
O.S. Speed B21 Adam Drake Edition 3, 1/8 Buggy Engine


O.S. SPEED and Adam Drake have collaborated once again to bring you the New Adam Drake B21(AD3) edition engine!


  • Adam Drake’s unique cylinder design that’s exclusive to the Drake edition engines only
  • Redesigned cylinder liner with optimized porting
  • DLC coated crankshaft with larger double tungsten counterweights
  • A unique semi-long stroke configuration
  • 6.5mm and 7.5mm blue anodized aluminum carburetor reducers
  • Front steel bearing and Ceramic rear bearing
  • 21J carburetor
  • Responsive low-end power and more overall torque


Adam Drake is a multi 1/8th Scale ROAR National Champion who is famous for his extensive knowledge of Nitro racing engines that spans over 25 years. The O.S. Speed B21AD3 engine has several updates from champion Adam Drake. Based off the B21AD2, the new features of the AD3 include a boost bypass processing for the crankcase that increases throttle response, helps the engine run smoother and makes it easier to drive. The new AD3 signature cooling head is anodized black and has blue outer rings that compliments Adam’s unique style.

The AD3 cooling head is 14g lighter and lower profile to help lower the center of gravity and improve driving performance. The inner head uses a new black O-ring to reduce vibration and improve dust resistance. The new backplate has a built-in thrust plate to reduce friction between the connecting rod and the backplate making the engine more durable and will increase engine life. The AD3 comes with two different carburetor restrictors, 6.5mm for Buggy and 7.5mm for Truggy.

You can purchase the AD3 as engine only or the AD3 engine combo set. It’s an excellent choice for both buggy and truggy racing as it provides a linear power band, exceptional fuel mileage and tons of overall power.


Collaboration with O.S. international team driver ADAM DRAKE, a multiple ROAR champion.


Boost Bypass
Boost Bypass

By adopting a boost bypass processing for the crankcase, the engine runs more smoothly.


Outer Head
Outer Head

ADAM DRAKE's image color, blue anodized aluminum is applied to the cutting part of the new outer head, and two-color anodized aluminum with new design is used to reduce weight and lower the center of gravity and improve driving performance.


Cover Plate
Cover Plate

In addition, by adopting a cover plate with a built in thrust plate, wear due to interference between the connecting rod and the cover plate during rotation is reduced and engine life is improved.


Inner Head
Inner Head

The inner head uses an O-ring to reduce vibration and improve dust resistance.



Blue anodized restrictors, 6.5mm for buggy and 7.5mm for truggy comes standard.


Product Specs

Part Type
Engine Parts
RPM Range
4000 - 42,000 rpm
Carb Type
3.49 cc / 0.213 cu.in.
Engine (Only) Weight
0.77lbs (349g)
0.646" (16 mm)