Team Losi Racing - Item No. TLR04007
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1/8 8IGHT-X 4WD Nitro Buggy Race Kit

1/8 8IGHT-X 4WD Nitro Buggy Race Kit

Key Features

  • Improved suspension geometry
  • Wider chassis
  • 17.5˚ caster blocks with adjustable spindle height
  • Aluminum shock caps with threaded bleeder holes
  • Larger bearing spindles and hubs
  • Larger engine mount that reduces chassis flex
  • Redesigned aluminum shock towers with updated camber link and shock location holes
  • Equalized driveshaft angle for a more 4WD feel
  • Revised chassis side guards
  • Updated radio tray
  • Easier access to front and rear differentials
  • New sway bar system
  • Optimized shocks
  • Metric hardware
Needed to Complete
  • Dynamite® 7.4V 2000mAh 2S 5C LiPo Rx Pack
  • Dynamite ProphetSport LiPo 35W AC Charge
  • Nitrotane 30% Race Fuel, Quart
  • Dynamite LiPo Glow Driver with Battery & USB Charger
  • Spektrum DX6R 6CH Smart Radio w WIFI/BT
  • Spektrum S6390BL U-T / H-S BL HV Metal Servo
  • 1/8 Scale Off Road Tire
  • O.S. Speed B2102 Competition .21 Engine with T2090SC Pipe is recommended (OSMG2021)
  • On/Off Switch
What's in the box?
  • (1) 1/8 8IGHT-X 4WD Nitro Buggy Race Kit
  • (1) User Manual


To be the best, you have to drive the best and the Team Losi Racing® 8IGHT™ platform is second to none. With multiple ROAR national titles and major international wins, the 8IGHT represents a championship-winning heritage. The original 8IGHT took 1/8th-scale racing by storm and now the future of racing is hitting the track - the 8IGHT-X™ 1/8 Nitro Buggy. This is a completely redefined racing platform crafted from the ground up. Designed to be the best of all possible worlds for drivers, it features a new wider chassis, potent drivetrain, and major updates to the suspension package and geometry. Team Losi Racing continues to push the envelope of performance with the 8IGHT-X Buggy.

Video Overview

1/8 8IGHT-X 4WD Nitro Buggy Race Kit

Improved Suspension Geometry

The 8IGHT-X Next Gen suspension geometry has been completely revamped making a car that is fast, nimble, and easy to drive. This includes a myriad of updates including aluminum spindles, 17.5 degree spindle carriers, longer front shocks, wider front pivot with less scrub radius, narrower rear pivot, longer rear shocks, and updated hub offset.

Improved Suspension Geometry
Suspension Arms

The suspension arms have been designed to accept stiffener plates that will allow racers to tune the flex of the suspension arm. Keep the plates off to provide more flex thereby creating more grip or add the plates to provide less flex and create less grip. The 8IGHT-X will come standard with molded plates, with optional carbon fiber plates sold separately.

Suspension Arms
Wide Chassis

The 8IGHT-X features a more traditional “wide” style chassis that increases stability, balance and gives the buggy a more neutral feel. This also allows for the components to be spread out instead of cramped to together as with a narrow style chassis making maintenance a breeze.

Wide Chassis
Larger Pinion Bearing

The 8IGHT-X features an over-sized pinion bearing in the front and rear of the buggy for increased strength and durability. This allows for a smoother, more reliable and hassle free driveline.

Larger Pinion Bearing
Cab Forward Style Body

The body has been completely redesigned on the 8IGHT-X to incorporate the cab-forward styling which creates more downforce on the front of the body. This extra downforce improves forward traction and steering. The rear of the body has been designed to create maximum airflow for less drag, while a center fin keeps the buggy stable at speed.

Cab Forward Style Body
Chassis Side Guards

The chassis side guards have been redesigned to fit the wide chassis and new body with a super clean fit while offering maximum protection from dirt and debris.

Chassis Side Guards
Large Footprint Engine Mount

The machined aluminum lightweight engine mount has been designed with a large footprint that not only reduces flex underneath the engine, but also eliminates chassis fatigue on high traction race surfaces. The large footprint mount also allows the engine to be removed from the buggy without removing the mount from the buggy or changing gear mesh.

Large Footprint Engine Mount
Adjustable Caster Blocks

Redesigned and fully adjustable 17.5 degree castor blocks come standard on the 8IGHT-X. The height of the spindle in the castor block can be adjusted via spacers on the kingpin. Optional spindle Ackerman arms will be sold separately to allow for even more adjustments and fine tuning.

Adjustable Castor Blocks
Bleeder Shock Caps

The 8IGHT-X comes standard with machined aluminum shock caps with threaded bleeder screws. Bleeder screws allow you to build and rebuild your shocks faster and easier while insuring you have the exact amount of oil in your shocks every time creating consistent rebound.

Bleeder Shock Caps
Chassis Balance

The TLR engineers worked relentlessly to get the perfect balance on the 8IGHT-X by moving components to key locations on the chassis to provide the best driving feel and balance to the vehicle.

Chassis Balance
Steering Rack

The 8IGHT-X steering rack has been redesigned to have a much cleaner, less cluttered linkage to the steering servo along with more ackerman adjustments. The improved design of the servo saver also eliminates bellcrank bind during high loads creating a much smoother, consistent steering feel.

Steering Rack
Shock Towers

The 8IGHT-X features machined 7075-T6 aluminum shock towers extra strength and durability. They have been completely redesigned to work with the 8IGHT-X’s new suspension geometry which feature updated camber link holes as well as a taller rear tower.

Shock Towers
Better Diff Access

The front and rear diff case has been designed to allow easy access to the differentials without removing the bulkheads from the vehicle, allowing racers to make diff oil changes in half the time. The center diff can be accessed via a split center mount with the removal of only four screws. This allows the brake mechanics to stay intact and in perfect alignment.

Better Diff Access
Sway Bar System

The 8IGHT-X boasts a sway bar system that has been completely revamped for a more precise, equalized and consistent feel. Each side of the sway bar features adjustable length links as well as collars to keep the sway bars centered in the roughest of conditions.

Sway Bar System
Equalized driveline

To create an easier to drive, more consistent 4wd feel to the 8IGHT-X, the entire driveline has been redesigned to create a reduced driveline angle on both the front and rear drive shafts. This not only creates an equalized driveline, but also reduces wear on key driveline components.

Equalized driveline
Updated Radio Tray

The 8IGHT-X eliminates the traditional one piece radio tray by designing an individual mount for the steering and throttle servos. The throttle servo mount is made of aluminum which adds extra rigidity to the servo creating a more precise, consistent brake feel all while keeping the servo off the chassis and eliminating heat issues. The updated front and rear mount also helps reduce the need for additional linkages.

Updated Radio Tray
Optimized Shocks

The large-bore shocks have been completely optimized for greater precision and increased performance. They come standard with machined pistons and have been lightened to decrease the center of gravity and lower the weight of the car. The 8IGHT-X includes 4.0mm shock shafts for extra strength and durability. 3.5mm shock shafts are available as a conversion kit.

Optimized Shocks
Metric Hardware

The 8IGHT-X will move away from standard hardware that was common place on all previous 8IGHT’s. The new standard will be metric hardware and will be on par with all other manufacturers. This will allow for easier screw replacements and upgrades.

Metric Hardware
Rear Mud Guards

The 8IGHT-X comes standard with rear axle mud guards. These guards not only protect your rear axles and bearings from damage during rough and wet conditions, they also keep your axles running smooth and precise in all conditions.

Rear Mud Guards
Rear Shock Mounting Locations (Front)

The 8IGHT X was designed so racers can mount the rear shocks on the front of the rear arm or on the front of the rear arm. By mounting the rear shocks to the front of the rear arm, the weight bias shifts forward and the arm flexes less, therefore providing more rotation in the corners.

Rear Shock Mounting Locations
Rear Shock Mounting Locations (Back)

By mounting the rear shocks to the back of the arm, the weight bias is further to the back and allows the rear arm to flex more, therefore providing more rear grip.

Rear Shock Mounting Locations

Product Specs

Gear Pitch
1.0 Module
Power Type
Approximate Assembly Time
3-5 Hours
8X Unpainted
Semi-Metallic Pad with Steel Disc
3mm, 7075 T-6 Aluminum, Hard Anodized
Completion Level
Product Height
7.1 in (180mm)
Ball Bearings
Engine Size
Engine not included-Design fits .21-.31 size engine
Fuel Tank Capacity
125CC (4.2oz)
Ground Clearance
2.4 in (60mm)
Internal Gear Ratio
Product Length
19.6 in (497mm)
Spur Gear
Wheel Width
1.7" (42mm)
Sealed viscous filled gear differential
Sold Separately
Shock Type
Aluminum Oil Filled
Wheel Type
Front Track
12.1 in (308mm)
Product Width
12.1 in (308mm)
12.8 in - 13 in (326mm-329mm)
Final Drive Ratio
Speed Control
Sold Separately
Product Weight
Varies on equipment used