New TLR RC Racing Parts

TLR vehicles are made for RC racing. They’re engineered to deliver the power and capabilities you need for a place on the podium. Racing puts RC vehicles under high stress, so drivers often need new parts and upgrades. Authentic TLR parts are made specifically for TLR RC cars and are manufactured to the same strict standards. Plus, only new TLR parts are track-tested by TLR Factory Team drivers.

Check out our new TLR parts for your TLR RC buggy or truggy

RC racing vehicles endure extraordinary amounts of stress in their pursuit of a podium finish. Therefore, in addition to the sophisticated engineering that provides their winning speed potential, TLR RC racing buggies and truggies also feature durable construction that can survive crashes, jumps, and rough terrain. But if anything does break, you can be confident that genuine Team Losi Racing parts are available to get it quickly back on the track. The TLR product development team is also always busy creating new TLR parts and accessories that you can use to improve the speed, strength, and handling of your TLR RC car.

The Team Losi Racing brand is recognized worldwide for outstanding RC racing technology. That reputation comes not only from producing the most powerful RC vehicles for dominating the track, but also because TLR makes sure the drivers who choose our vehicles have access to the new TLR RC racing parts and accessories needed to keep racing and winning with them.

Use new TLR parts made specifically for your TLR buggy or truggy

No matter what part you might need for your TLR RC racing vehicle, you can most likely find it here on the TLR web site just by searching under your TLR RC vehicle’s name. We not only have TLR direct replacement parts but also new TLR upgrade parts that have been optimized to give your TLR RC racing buggy or truggy even stronger performance.

We have individual TLR vehicle drivetrain components, including new TLR RC parts for your transmission, differential, driveshaft, axles, CV joints, and wheels. If you need new TLR parts for your RC racing vehicle’s suspension system, we can provide you with the only replacement linkages, springs, and shocks that get the approval of the TLR Factory Race Team. Genuine TLR chassis, rails, braces, hubs, and more are available separately for each TLR vehicle, as are bumpers, bearings, battery mounts, and servo mounts. The list of available TLR parts goes on and on.

New TLR bodies and TLR wings can be used to replace damaged parts or to give your TLR RC racing vehicle a fresh new look. Of course, every RC driver knows how easily the jolts and vibration of racing can eventually shake hardware loose and put a premature end to the action. Finding those tiny missing screws, nuts, and washers is nearly impossible. So it’s a smart idea to keep your pit box stocked with a generous supply of TLR hardware in the sizes you need.

All new TLR parts are manufactured from the highest quality materials. No design improvement is too small to include if it will add to your edge on race day.

Keep new TLR parts on hand for whenever you need them

To keep your Team Losi Racing RC vehicles in top running condition, you’ll want to keep a supply on hand of the parts that are subjected to the most wear and tear. In addition to basic hardware, the list includes spur and pinion gears, wheels and tires, and more. With TLR parts and accessories in your pit bag, you’ll always be prepared if something breaks. With a quick fix, you can get right back to leading the pack.

If you need help choosing the right TLR part, just consult the instruction manual or exploded view diagram for your TLR RC race car. Both can be found on the TLR website for convenient downloading. You can also talk with the product support team where you bought your TLR vehicle, or chat with fellow TLR drivers at the track and in online RC racing forums.