2017 TLR Cup


Race Dates

June 1-3
Monticello, Illinois
September 28-30
Tacoma, Washington
October 12-14
Lindenhurst, New York
Nov. 30 - Dec. 2
Horizon Hobby Midwest Classic
Joliet, IL

Race Format

Friday: Open practice

Saturday: Three Heat Races / Dash For Cash

Sunday: All Mains / Bump Ups / Triple A mains

Classes: (Classes will vary at each track)

Entries Fee

1st Class = $40.00

2nd Class = $20.00

3rd Class = $20.00

Pro Drivers

Various TLR Pro Drivers and Horizon Hobby Representatives

Event Shirt

Each registered racer will receive a FREE event t-shirt

Raffle Prizes

Each event will have a large array of raffle prizes

Hobbies for Good "Dash for Cash"

2017 TLR Cup - Hobbies for Good
2017 TLR Cup - Hobbies for Good

Hobbies for Good represents all the ways Horizon Hobby invests it's time, talents and resources in the community at large. They've raised money for cancer research, provided food and shelter for families in need and contributed aid for victims of natural disasters.

We are proud to have Hobbies for Good as the main sponsor of the TLR Cup Dash for Cash! We even have special raffle prizes for each event such as a TLR 22 4.0, Spektrum DX5R and several Blade Inductrix's! 50% of the proceeds will go towards the Dash for Cash and more importantly, the other 50% will go to Hobbies for Good! Not only will you giving yourself a chance to win some incredible prizes, throwing some cash at the racers, but most of all, making a contribution to charity to help those less fortunate.
Hobbies for Good

Special Events

Track Walk

Q&A Session


TLR Cup Central

TLR Cup West

TLR Cup East

Horizon Hobby Midwest Classic

  • Expert Nitro Buggy
  • Expert Nitro Truggy
  • Sportsman Nitro Buggy
  • Sportsman Nitro Truggy
  • E-Buggy
  • 2WD Stock Buggy 17.5T
  • 2WD Pro Stock Buggy 17.5T(Sponsored Drivers)
  • 4WD 13.5T Stock Buggy
  • 2WD Modified Buggy
  • 4WD Modified Buggy
  • 40+ 2WD Modified Buggy
  • Short Course 13.5T 2WD
  • Racing Truck Stock(Either 17.5T or 13.5T)
  • Information to come
  • Rookie
  • 17.5 2wd Buggy
  • 17.5 2wd SCT
  • 13.5 4wd Buggy
  • Mod 2wd Buggy
  • Mod 4wd Buggy
  • Mod Stadium Truck
  • Mod 2wd SCT
  • Mod 4wd SCT
  • 1/8 E-Buggy
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