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XXX-4 4WD Competition Buggy Kit *

[ LOSA0014 ]

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The XXX-4 truly represents the next generation of all-wheel drive off-road racer combining the latest Losi drivetrain and suspension technology with the experience from years of unparalleled racing dominance.

Team Losi revolutionized 4WD off-road racing 5 years ago with their XX-4 ground breaking design that has been virtually unbeatable in world and national championship racing. The XXX-4 has already proven it is ready to continue this domination with its first few pre-production outings where it top qualified the IFMAR World Championships and won the ROAR Nationals!

The XXX-4 truly represents the next generation of all-wheel drive off-road racer combining the latest Losi drivetrain and suspension technology with the experience from years of unparalleled racing dominance. The XXX-4 uses Losi's exclusive sealed single belt drivetrain that allows unbelievable acceleration with extraordinary run time and efficiency. The XXX-4's easily accessed differentials and open layout allow you to enjoy the stunning performance of a 4WD with the ease of maintenance of a 2WD buggy.

1. Single belt, high-efficiency sealed drivetrain for improved acceleration and ease of maintenance

2. Interlocking construction for ease of building/adjustment.

3. Ingenious slipper clutch absorbs drivetrain shock while maintaining crisp acceleration and improved handling.

4. Exclusive drive belt designed to withstand the rigors of off-road racing.

5. Critical molded components such as chassis, suspension arms, etc, produced from Losi's exclusive Stiffezel material.

6. Sealed ball bearings throughout.

7. Attractive aerodynamic body and wing.

8. Hard-coated shock absorbers.

9. Easy-access differentials make maintenance a snap.

10. Interlocking construction all but eliminates chassis tweak due to impacts.

The XXX-4 benefits from the advanced features, hi-tech materials, and manufacturing techniques used in all of their world championship kits. The chassis and suspension components are molded in Team Losi's exclusive composite material for unmatched rigidity and performance. Hard-anodized fully adjustable shocks control the long travel optimized suspension that offers razor sharp handling on even the roughest track conditions. The rugged single belt drivetrain features an ingenious adjustable slipper that absorbs impacts while maintaining forward drive and traction. Full ball bearings, dish wheels with soft compound racing tires, and genuine MIP® CVD's® complete this impressive package.


Chassis and Suspension: Chassis and suspension components are molded from Team Losi's extra-rigid Stiffezell composite material to withstand the punishment of off-road racing's toughest tracks.
Tweak Resistant Construction: The unique interlocking construction and hi-tech materials used make an almost tweak-free chassis for consistent razor sharp handling.
Sealed, Single-belt Drivetrain: Delivering all the remarkable performance of 4WD, but with the maintenance simplicity of a 2WD system, the XXX-4's advanced single-belt drivetrain provides outstanding acceleration and runtime.
High efficiency Slipper Clutch: The ingenious adjustable slipper clutch absorbs impacts and protects the drive train while maintaining forward drive and acceleration on the roughest tracks.
Ball Bearings Throughout: Precision ball bearings on all the wheels and at critical rotational points in the drivetrain minimize friction for higher speeds and longer run times.
Easy-Access Differentials: The XXX-4's easy-access differentials drastically reduce maintenance time to that of most 2WD cars.
Exclusive XXX Off-Road Suspension: Hard-anodized, oil-filled shocks and Losi's Stiffezel suspension arms and shock towers give the XXX-4 superior handling on any track surface.
Specially Designed Drive Belt: At the heart of the XXX-4's drivetrain is a heavy-duty belt designed specifically to withstand the rigors of the most competitive off-road racing environment.

Product Specifications

15.38 in
9.75 in
10.75 in
Molded Stiffezel integrated design
Independent front and rear A-arm
Drive Train:
Sealed single-belt drive w/ front and rear ball differentials and slipper clutch



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