Team Losi Racing - Item No. TLR338004
5 out of 5 Customer Rating

Laydown Transmission Conversion Kit: 22 3.0

Key Features

  • Converts the 22 3.0 into a highly tuned buggy for carpet, Astro turf, and higher traction dirt surfaces.
  • Specific chassis for high traction with minimum pocketing for reduced flex.
  • Transmission cases are precision machined from high quality delrin for perfect fit and finish.
  • Lightweight carbon-fiber battery strap with aluminum mount.
  • Aluminum idler gear for ultimate reliability.
  • Milled motor plate and aluminum motor plate to chassis brace included.
  • A modified 22 3.0 body designed to fit the laydown is pulled from 0.5mm lexan for ultra low weight, and lowering the center of gravity.
  • Two TLR Front Wings are included, for increased front grip.
  • A 25g brass plate is also included, and fits under the battery pack to increase vehicle weight.
  • All hardware and instructions included, no additional parts, or part modifications necessary.
  • Note – this conversion kit will only fit a “shorty” style LiPo battery pack.


As the TLR Race Team continues to push the envelope of performance for the 22 3.0, they have found that a laydown transmission moving the motor forward greatly improves corner speed and consistency on higher grip tracks. With carpet and Astro-turf tracks growing in popularity, and some US lay tracks running slicks, the need for forward bite is not as critical and corner speed becomes the most sought after performance trait. Moving the motor considerably forward, the weight bias is around 42% front and 58% rear, giving the car more corner speed and stability. Also, since the ride heights run on these surfaces is usually under 20mm, to improve the roll center and bone plunge in the rear the diff is raised 3.5mm and the axle is raised in the hubs by 3.0mm. These changes allow for proper bone angle, bone plunge and roll center in the rear at these lower ride heights. These are the parts used by the TLR Race Team at the 2015 IFMAR World Championships. Designed as a complete conversion kit, no additional parts or modifications are needed to convert to your 22 3.0!

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