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XXX-S Graphite 4WD Touring Sedan

[ LOSA0251 ]

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Retail Price: $479.99
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No Hop-ups needed here! The XXX-S Graphite Plus is a full-featured professional-level sedan designed to give more experienced racers the fastest, tightest handling machine on the track.

Chassis Call-Out

  1. Graphite/Carbon Fiber Chassis & Suspension Components
  2. Front and rear MIP Aluminum CVD's
  3. Machined Titanium Turnbuckles
  4. Threaded & Hard Anodized Shocks (.28" front /.36" rear)
  5. Titanium Nitrided Shock Shafts
  6. Hard Anodized Aluminum Suspension Balls
  7. Revised Rear Suspension Arms & Shock Tower
  8. Precision Ball Bearing Steering
  9. New Low Roll Center Pivot Blocks (standard blocks also included)
  10. New Offset Rear Hub Carriers
  11. New Extra Efficient Drive Belt
  12. New Front Bumper/Body Mount
  13. New Light Weight 24mm Mesh Racing Wheels
  14. New Alfa 156 Sedan body
  15. Hard-anodized shock bodies w/double o-ring cartridges
  16. Adjustable suspension down stops, front and rear
  17. Fully integrated, rigid one piece chassis
  18. Easy access front and rear differentials
  19. Machined bearing spacers
  20. Quick-release battery strap
  21. Multi-adjustable suspension geometry
  22. Optimized steering geometry w/servo saver
  23. Soft compound multi-purpose racing tires
  24. Easy-access spur gear & belt tensioner
  25. Fully adjustable body mounts

Team Losi's XXX-S 4wd sedan raised the level of competition with its innovative ultra-efficient single belt drive train and remarkable suspension package. Now the new XXX-S Graphite Plus is ready to do it again.

The LOSA0251 XXX-S Graphite Plus is the product of the hundreds of hours put in by Team Losi's international development team while winning numerous major events around the world including the recent ROAR National Championship. The serious racer will appreciate the newly developed components and full compliment of hi-tech performance parts and accessories in this economically priced kit.

The combination of the race proven user friendly design, easily accessed enclosed drive train and this remarkable selection of performance parts make the XXX-S Graphite Plus the racer's choice.


Product Specifications

16.63 in
7.44 in
10.13 in
Molded graphite composite integrated
Independent front and rear A-arm
Drive Train:
Sealed single-belt drive w/front and rear ball differentials

Needed to Complete

- 2-channel surface radio with one steering servo
- Electronic Speed Control
- Motor
- Pinion Gear
- 6-cell battery pack (stick pack or individual cells)
- CA Tire Glue (LOSA7881)
- Paint for polycarbonate bodies



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