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XXX-T MF2 Racing Truck Kit

[ LOSA0076 ]

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Starting with the most dominant electric truck of the 21st century, the Team Losi development team used existing as well as revised and new designed components for a new chassis that allows you to stay one step ahead of the competition.

Chassis Call-Out

  1. VLA suspension system allows tuning options for any track condition
  2. Exclusive Team Losi graphite composite chassis and suspension components
  3. Rebuildable universal driveshafts
  4. Machined aluminum rear pivot mount
  5. Gen II transmission lowers CG and improves forward traction
  6. Hard-anodized threaded shock bodies with aluminum adjuster nuts for increased tuning convenience
  7. Titanium nitride hinge pins and shock shafts
  8. New body design, aero-engineered for peak performance


Titanium Nitride Coated Hinge Pins and New Inner Rear Pivot Titanium nitride coated hinge pins are used throughout.
The weight of the new Gen II transmission has been moved lower and further forward over the axles, closer to the center of gravity, for less polar moment and better, more consistent traction.
Long travel, hard-coated, Shock Bodies and Titanium Nitride shafts offer extended life and minimize drag for smooth operation. The external threads and new hard-anodized aluminum adjustment nuts make adjustments quick and easy.
The XXX-T MF2’s Variable Length Arms let racers switch between long and short positions so they can easily change the handling characteristics for a much broader range of driving styles and track conditions.

Product Specifications

12.7 in (adjustable)
11.1 in
Molded Stiffezel Integrated
Independent front and rear variable length arm
Low CG Gen II Transmission

Needed to Complete

- 2-channel surface radio with one steering servo
- Electronic Speed Control
- Motor
- Pinion Gear
- 6-cell battery pack (stick pack or individual cells)
- CA tire glue (LOSA7881)
- Paint for polycarbonate bodies




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