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The Triple-XT is an entirely new chassis from the ground up, and sets new standards for performance and construction.

Chassis Call-Out

  1. New Front and Rear Suspension Geometry New pin locations and suspension arm lengths make the truck easy to drive fast and consistent with no negative handling characteristics.
  2. Lower Front Shocks The front shocks have been relocated to the back of the arm and mounted .250 lower. This results in a lower center of mass, less twisting force on the arm, a smaller/stronger shock tower, and a lower profile hood line
  3. Advanced Geometry Design (AGD) Steering? The steering bellcrank and idler arm pivot around an axis that is parallel to the kingpins and spindles. This results in zero bump-steer ? even when the wheels are at full lock to the left or rig
  4. Lowered Battery Slot The entire center of the truck ? including battery slot ? has been dropped .100" to lower the center of mass without sacrificing critical ground clearance at the front or rear of the truck.
  5. One-Piece Rear Bulkhead/Shock Tower Simplifies assembly while reducing weight by 35%.
  6. Easy Access Servo Mount Makes removing, installing, and adjusting the servo and linkages a breeze.
  7. Triple-X Transmission with Forward Motor Position The motor has been moved forward to shorten the truck?s overall length and center the weight over the rear axle for optimum traction.
  8. Molded Rear Bumper/Motor Guard In addition to the stylish appearance, the motor guard/bumper is molded from high-impact material that is lighter than aluminum and capable of taking abuse without bending.
  9. Rounded Chassis Corners The generous radius at the edge of the chassis minimizes the chance of catching on pipe joints, rocks, or other obstacles.
  10. Interlocking Gearbox Mount Lighter and stiffer, resulting in less chassis flex.
  11. Realistic Low Profile Body The realistic looking body is designed to be lower, sleeker, more aerodynamic, and provide good visibility and orientation for the driver.


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