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22-4 Shorty Chassis Conversion Kit

[ TLR338002 ]

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Chassis Call-Out

  1. Chassis is designed to fit a “shorty LiPo” without any modification to the chassis or mud guard
  2. Aluminum battery stop included allows for shorty pack to be mounted in the front or rear position
  3. Additional milling to chassis lowers the total weight by 18-20g
  4. An open pocket under the motor has proven to lower motor temperatures approximately 20-30 degrees Fahrenheit
  5. CNC Machined from 2.5mm thick 7075-T6 Aluminum
  6. Directly fits onto the 22-4 without the need for any other parts or modifications
  7. **This conversion kit (TLR338002) only works with the TLR 22-4 (TLR03005) and does not work with the 22-4 2.0 (TLR03007)