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1/10 22T 2WD Race Truck Kit

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The Team Losi Racing 1/10-scale 22T 2WD Electric Race Truck Kit is based on award-winning TWENTY TWO racing platform. Without a doubt, it will reignite 1/10-scale electric truck racing throughout the world. The TLR 22 platform takes full advantage of it's innovative design and envelope-pushing LiPo and brushless power. It is the only platform of its kind to offer all the hardware needed in a single kit to build a rear- or mid-motor configured chassis. The 22T will change the face of 1/10-scale, 2WD truck racing.

Chassis Call-Out

Chassis Callouts
  1. Mid- and Rear-Motor Completion Option
  2. 2.5mm Hard-Anodized Aluminum Chassis
  3. Adjustable caster via the spindle carrier. 3 included with option (0, 5 and 10)
  4. 12mm Big Bore Aluminum Shock with Bladder Compensator
  5. 30 front kick.
  6. All-Metric Hardware
  7. Front and rear wheels are the same via 12 mm hex
  8. Gull Wing Suspension Arm Design (Front)
  9. Rear Toe Adjustability
  10. Optimized Motor Placement for Balance
  11. Replaceable Bolt-On front and rear Camber Blocks
  12. Innovative Steering Rack Design
  13. 3.5mm Heavy-Duty Turnbuckles
  14. Long-Life Titanium Nitride Hinge Pins
  15. Vertical Mounted Ball Studs
  16. Optimized Battery Tray for multiple Battery configurations
  17. Dual Disk Slipper Clutch with 82 tooth spur gear
  18. Secure Battery Straps


Mid and Rear Motor Mounting Options

Depending on your driving preference or track conditions, the 22T Truck will deliver the configuration you need. For the first time, TLR is providing both rear- and mid-mount motor configurations in a single kit.

Mid and Rear Motor Mounting Options

Complete Kit

Build the 22T Truck from the ground up so you know and control the entire assembly process to your exact specifications.

Complete Kit

2.5mm Hard-Anodized Aluminum Chassis

The precision-machined 7075-T6 2.5mm aluminum chassis is hard-anodized for increased durability and a great look.

2.5mm Hard-Anodized Aluminum Chassis

Gull Wing Suspension Design

This design allows the overall height of the front tower to be much lower and lowers the 22T's center of gravity, which improves handling.

Gull Wing Suspension Design

12mm Big Bore Shocks

Smooth the ride, tame large jumps and tune suspension performance with these oversized shocks with bladder compensators.

12mm Big Bore Shocks

Adjustable Front Kick (20-25)

The 22T's front end has best-in-class clearance that allows for improved handling. It gives you more clearance when you enter and exit steep jumps.
Plus it's tunable via a shim from 20 to 25 degrees.

Adjustable Front Kick (20-25)

Adjustable Caster (0, 3, 5, 10)

The 22T's caster can be adjusted in 0-, 3-, 5- and 10-degree* increments via the spindle carriers.
* 0-, 3-, and 5-degree spindles are optional.

Adjustable Caster (0, 3, 5, 10)

Racing Wheels

These new wheels were designed specifically for the 22T Truck. We are including 2 complete sets without tires so you can pick the tread and compound you need to dominate your track. The 22T uses the same front and rear wheel via a 12mm hex.

Racing Wheels

All Metric Hardware

Every piece of hardware on the 22T is metric so there is no guessing and no need for multiple sets of tools.

All Metric Hardware

22 Platform Spring Cross-Reference Chart

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Key Features

  • Includes both a rear and mid-motor completion option in the same kit
  • 2.5mm hard anodized aircraft aluminum chassis
  • All-metric hardware so only one set of tools is required
  • 2.2” truck wheels included (No tires included)
  • Front and rear wheels are the same via 12 mm hex
  • 2 ROAR-legal bodies (Mid and Rear Configuration) included
  • Adjustable caster via the spindle carrier. 3° included with option (0, 5 and 10°)
  • 12mm Big Bore Aluminum Shock with Bladder Compensator
  • Gull Wing Suspension Arm Design (Front)
  • Replaceable Bolt-On front and rear Camber Blocks
  • 3.5mm Heavy-Duty Turnbuckles
  • Innovative Steering Rack Design
  • Long-Life Titanium Nitride Hinge Pins
  • Vertical Mounted Ball Studs
  • Optimized Battery Tray for multiple Battery configurations
  • Dual Disk Slipper Clutch with 82 tooth spur gear

Like the Team Losi Racing 22 buggy, the unique design of the 2011 ROAR National Champion 22 platform also allows the 22T to be the first truck in the industry to include a rear motor or mid motor completion, the end consumer chooses. Having both of these options opens up the potential for the 22T for multiple track types and driving styles. With the power available from today’s LiPo batteries and brushless technologies, the 22T was designed to be the most durable 2WD racing truck available. All suspension components are 10 to 15% larger than traditional 1/10th race vehicles and more durable materials are utilized aiding in the overall durability of this vehicle.

The hard anodized aluminum chassis, 12mm big bore shocks, adjustable front kick (via optional parts), oversized rear outer hub bearing, bolt-on camber blocks are just a few of the features that make the 22T a force to be reckoned with but the unsurpassed amount of adjustability gives the 22T an advantage over the competition like no other. These features and much more allow Team Losi Racing to introduce a truly innovative and globally dominating 2WD race truck.

Product Specifications

Type: 2WD Race Truck
Scale: 1/10
Length: 15.75 in (400mm)
Width: 12.99 in (330mm)
Height: 5.63 in (143mm)
Ground Clearance: 1.8 in (45mm)
Wheelbase: 11.3-11.41 in (286-290mm)
Weight: 66 oz (1870g)
Chassis: 7075 T-6 Aluminum, 2.5mm thick, Hard Anodized
Suspension: Independent
Drivetrain: 2wd
Motor or Engine: Accepts 540 size
Gear Pitch: 48 Pitch
Wheel Size: 2.2 in
Kit/RTR: Kit
Shock Type: Oil Filled Aluminum Shocks with bladders
Body: Unpainted clear body
Minimum Age Recommendation: 14 years

Needed to Complete

Parts Listing   (See All)

  • Slipper Friction Pad

  • Antenna Kit

  • Front & Rear Camber Block Kit: 22

  • Rear Hub & Hex (2): 22

Optional Accessories   (See All)

  • Shock Piston 12mm 1.1mmx4 CNC Mach(4):All22, SCTE

  • Front Spring Set, Hard (3 pair): 22T/SCT

  • TLR 22T Chassis Protective Tape Precut (2)

  • 86T 48P Kevlar Spur Gear: 22

Hop-Ups   (See All)

  • 48 Pitch Pinion Gear,17T

  • 48 Pitch Pinion Gear,18T

  • Caster Block, 0 Degree: 22

  • Front Pivot, 30 Degree, Alum: 22T