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XXX-T MF2 Racing Truck Kit

[ LOSA0076 ]

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Key Features

  • VLA suspension system allows tuning options for any track condition
  • Exclusive Team Losi graphite composite chassis and suspension components
  • Rebuildable universal driveshafts
  • Machined aluminum rear pivot mount
  • Gen II transmission lowers CG and improves forward traction
  • Hard-anodized threaded shock bodies with aluminum adjuster nuts for increased tuning convenience
  • Titanium nitride hinge pins and shock shafts
  • New body design, aero-engineered for peak performance

Team Losi’s new XXX-T Matt Francis2 raises the bar for two-wheel drive off-road truck racing. Starting with the most dominant electric truck of the 21st century, the Team Losi development team used existing as well as revised and new designed components for a new chassis that allows you to stay one step ahead of the competition.

The key elements of this new design are a new transmission and suspension package that compliment each other for greatly enhance performance and unequalled tuning options. In general, the mass of the transmission and motor has been lowered and moved forward closer the center of gravity for greater forward traction. The increased traction generated has allowed the development of a more aggressive suspension package that offers unmatched tuning opportunities.

The new XXX “Gen II” transmission features a smaller differential with new outdrives, Kevlar® spur gear, machined motor plate, polycarbonate gear cover, revised molded motor guard, and retains the race proven double-disk slipper. Although the diff uses some existing parts, the outdrives have been revised for improved friction dynamics for added traction and performance.

The innovative suspension package features Variable Length Arms, a totally new concept in off-road racing. These new arms feature additional pivot pin, shock, and sway bar locations. In conjunction with the new front carriers and rear hubs, it is easy to alter the handling characteristics of the car to meet the demands of the wide variety of track conditions seen around the world. This also allows the racer to tune the driving feel of the car to better suit his style. To make all this fit into the existing XXX-T platform there is a new molded forward pivot mount and rear pivot plate as well as a machined aluminum rear pivot mount.

Beside the stunning technical advancements and the host of titanium, aluminum, and graphite parts there is also a host of new performance parts like Titanium Nitride hinge pins, o-ringed aluminum shock adjusters, aluminum suspension balls, and totally new rebuildable universal driveshafts and “King-Pin’ rear tires. Looks haven’t been forgotten either as there is also a new futuristic looking MF2 body with most of the aluminum parts are finished in Team Losi’s trademark hard anodizing. This remarkable kit allows you to build and tune an off-road truck that accelerates quicker, brakes straighter, goes through bumps faster, and carves turns with greater speed and stability.

Product Specifications

Width: 12.7 in (adjustable)
Wheelbase: 11.1 in
Chassis: Molded Stiffezel Integrated
Suspension: Independent front and rear variable length arm
Drivetrain: Low CG Gen II Transmission

Needed to Complete

- 2-channel surface radio with one steering servo
- Electronic Speed Control
- Motor
- Pinion Gear
- 6-cell battery pack (stick pack or individual cells)
- CA tire glue (LOSA7881)
- Paint for polycarbonate bodies



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Parts Listing   (See All)

  • XXX-T MF2 Racing Truck Kit

  • Front Axles: NXT, GTX, XXX-NT, NXT, GTX, SPT,SNT

  • Slipper Friction Pad

  • Spring, Cup, Spacer & Wash: Hydra

Optional Accessories   (See All)

  • Tread Lock Tire Glue

  • Losi Tire Glue, Thin

  • Losi Off-Road Tire Gluing Kit

  • Chassis Protection Material

Hop-Ups   (See All)

  • 48P Spur Gear, 90T Double

  • 48 Spur Gear, 88T: A3111

  • Shock Pistons #60, Natural (4)

  • Shock Pistons #57, Black (4)

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