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Metal Gear Set: 1:10 2wd All

[ ECX9001 ]

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Key Features

  • Complete gear set in one package
  • Installs easily with basic tools
  • Stronger gear material allows for hotter power systems to be incorporated into vehicle without the worry of transmission failures

Each set offers higher strength over stock gears providing a perfect complement to higher demanding power systems. Each metal gear set comes as a complete package providing a complete solution with only one item to purchase.

The set includes:
Top Shaft Gear
Idler Gear 
Differential (complete)

The differential is a complete differential unit which simplifies the installation and gives the driver a complete second differential as a bonus.

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Used In...   (See All)

The "Metal Gear Set: 1:10 2wd All" is used in the following:

  • Circuit 1/10 2wd Stadium Truck: Blue/Silver RTR

  • Circuit 1/10 2wd Stadium Truck: Black/Silver RTR

  • Ruckus 1/10 2wd Monster Truck: Green/Black RTR

  • Torment 1:10 2wd SCT: Silver/Blue RTR