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FUZE 1/10 Sensored 8.5T ESC/MotorCombo

[ DYN3783C ]

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Retail Price: $179.99
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Chassis Call-Out

  1. Combo’s provide a complete system including motor, esc, programming card and sensor wire (also available separately)
  2. Multiple turn ratings are available including 17.5, 13.5 and 8.5 turn
  3. Sensored brushless technology provides smoother operation compared to non‐sensored motors
  4. Motors are compatible with all major manufacturers sensored esc’s
  5. Motors come pre‐wired and anodized
  6. 70A ESC is sensored, non‐sensored and brushed/brushless compatible
  7. Compatible with 2S and 3S Li‐Po batteries
  8. Perfect for most 1/10th scale vehicles including ECX RC, Traxxas, Tamiya, HPI and most other popular 1/10th scale platforms