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Team Losi Racing 22SCT Preview

7/23/2012 by Gary Katzer

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     Team Losi Racing™ accomplished quite a few things with the release of the original 22™ buggy. The 22 buggy represented a rebirth, both of Team Losi Racing in the 1/10-scale electric arena and 2WD electric buggies. The 22 buggy also represented a completely new design on how a 2WD buggy can be made, from its beefy suspension arms, narrow aluminum chassis and rear or mid-motor configuration options. Since the release of the 22 buggy, many have been clamoring and begging for a 22-based short course truck. That wait is now over as the Team Losi Racing 22SCT™  is now here.

     Utilizing a similar design to its 22 buggy and 22T™ stadium truck brethren, the 22SCT is a no-compromises truck, designed to be the ultimate short course race machine. As with all 22-series vehicles, the 22SCT features a narrow aluminum chassis, big bore shocks, slider steering rack and metric hardware, and can be built in either rear motor or mid-motor configurations. The 22SCT ups its game, however, with some additional features, such as hardened carbide main differential balls and thrust bearings as well as all-new wheels that can use either a dish or spoke configuration. And it’s topped off with the Team Losi Racing Hi-Performance SCT Body.

     For some time now Frank Root has been one of the top short course drivers in the country. He has been one of the drivers to help test the 22SCT and bring it to life. Frank sat down with us to discuss many of the 22SCT design features, some of the new features that have gone into the platform and how the 22SCT differs from other trucks out on the market. Let’s take a look at the innovative 22SCT short course truck.