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Team Losi Racing 22T Stadium Truck Preview

8/11/2011 by Gary Katzer

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      Team Losi Racing completely changed the landscape of 1/10-scale electric off-road racing in December of 2010 with the debut of the 22 2WD Buggy. From its aluminum chassis, sliding rack steering system, big bore shocks and mid- or rear-motor configuration, the 22 was dramatically different than anything else out there. Team Losi Racing has had a tradition of bringing out a buggy first, followed by a stadium truck shortly thereafter. Fast-forward 8-short months and Team Losi Racing is at it once again, this time bringing 22-style tech to the 1/10-scale Stadium Truck class with the new 22T.

      The 22T isn't simply a longer and wider 22, oh no, no, no. The 22T represents a number of changes and refinements to TLR stadium trucks. Of course, you get the rear and mid-motor configuration options which debuted on the 22, but there's more here to help raise the performance to the next level. The 22T uses a common wheel on each end of the truck thanks to a new bearing-supported front axle design. Other new features include a new front kick plate, longer truck-specific rear shocks and shock towers, new steering spindles and a lot more. We managed to catch up with the Team Losi Racing Development Manager, Todd Hodge, to pick his brain on this latest stadium truck from TLR. If you're into stadium trucks, this is one rig you'll definitely want to check out.